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How to have a good work/life balance

How to have a good work/life balance

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all ok?!

A little bit about me: I have been at University College Birmingham for nearly 5 years now and during this time I have always had a part-time job. When I transitioned from college to university I was aware that the workload was getting a lot more intense so I did consider leaving my part-time job to focus fully on my studies. I am so glad that I didn’t as it gives me time away from studying to have a breather.

I work as a sales assistant in a shop called Lakeland – any baker/chef/home-proud person’s dream! I love it and spend far too much money on baking supplies!! For the past 5-6 years, I have worked weekends, luckily I live very close to my place of work so don’t spend ages commuting.

I have personally found it great having a part-time job alongside my course as it allows me just enough time to have a breather from my studies but not too much time away that I forget things or fall behind on my work.

If anyone feels a bit stressed about managing a job and your studies, I hope I can show you that actually if anything, it enhances your studies. If I sat all day every day and studied non-stop, my work would be rubbish! A few hours away allows your thoughts to gather again and your head to relax!

However, what I found helped me is making myself a little timetable, which allows for lessons, study time, work and any social activities and downtime. I first started by putting in my lecture times and the hours I was at work. I could then put the time in for revision and any social activities and it’s really important that you allow yourself to have some downtime. For example, this could be going for a run, sitting in the garden, meeting your friends or baking a cake.

Let me know how you relax and unwind in the comment belows, all recommendations are gratefully received.

See you soon,

Millie 🙂

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