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Introduction to skin care

Introduction to skin care

Hellooo everyone! And welcome back to an exciting new post by yours truly 😊.

Skin care is something fundamental to me and I love doing it! The thrill of buying and trying new products is unreal, and today I made a list of my favourite skin care products ever. Attention! Before trying any of these products, please make sure you know your skin type as different skin types require different care.

There are 4 skin types:

Normal – The skin everybody wants! Not too oily and not too dry, just the perfect balance.

Dry – This skin is more prone to wrinkles due to the lack of H2O and oil. This skin can feel tight at times and cause irritation.

Oily – Oily skin is characterised by a greasy appearance. It is also the most prone skin type to acne and breakouts.

Combination – A mix of oily and dry! Usually the T-Zone (nose, forehead, chin) is oily and the cheeks are dry.

With skin care our aim is to improve the appearance of our skin to make it look as flawless as possible while giving it the attention and care it needs to be healthy.

Since I have combination skin, today I am going to list a few products that I absolutely love and that have worked for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to turn you into a skincare junkie 😆!

1. Fenty Skin

I am a huge fan of Rihanna, I have previously tried some of her products and I absolutely loved them. So I had to give Fenty Skin a try.

I bought the small kit, which comes with a cleanser, fat water/toner and a hydration cream. I kind of have mixed feelings about this product since I currently have a spot on my forehead, however I do love the smell and how soft my skin is after each application! A solid 9/10.

2. Kiehl’s

Expensiveeeeee! But one of the best products you can try. They worked so well on my skin, and even though they are a bit pricey, I didnt apply large quantities each time because just a small quantity will cover your whole face since it’s foamy. Kiehl’s also has products for every skin type so it’s worth having a look.

3. Simple Kind to Skin

Accessible and natural products! What I really like about Simple is that their products are made with ingredients that are not harsh on your skin and they’re perfect for anyone with skin sensitivity. If you’re on a budget and cannot afford high-end or high street products, give this one a try!

4. Primark’s Face Masks

My favourite face masks ever! Cheap and there’s a large variety to choose from! I used to do a face mask once or twice a week and you should see improvements after a few weeks of use.

Remember this is not an overnight process, it takes time and dedication (kind of like going to the gym lol), therefore be patient and remember to wash your face twice a day (morning and evening) and use an SPF moisturiser!!! Your skin will thank you 😉.

See you lot next week!

Alex x

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