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February, the month of love…

February, the month of love…

Hi everyone!

So I am late to Valentine’s Day, but in my experience, we still see Valentine’s goodies in the shops and posts all over social media about Valentine’s presents and celebrations from our friends days and weeks after the occasion. So today’s blog is all about how to get through this month of love – whether you’re single, missing someone or simply just don’t want to be lovey-dovey right now.

First of all, I have made biscuits, so when I’m sad and missing my boyfriend (who is currently living in France) I can eat away those problems and hey, sweet stuff always helps! The first piece of advice: make some biscuits, bake a cake, treat yourself to a nice meal – simply treat yourself and crack open that tub of ice cream!

It can be a bit much sometimes looking through social media and seeing loved-up couples and bunches of flowers, so my next tip for getting through the month of love is to simply ride the wave. Buy yourself a bunch of flowers or simply go and pick some wildflowers from the local park (where permitted). Brighten up your room with some flowers – hey, they don’t have to be given to you as a present. Buying your own surprisingly has a positive effect on your mental health.

Now, what have we all been relying on since last spring? Oh yes, Zoom calls. Open your laptop and set up a call with all your friends who want to get involved and celebrate, whether it be called Galentines or not, just do it! There are plenty of ideas on Google as to how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends. Playing games and sitting down together (virtually) over a glass of fizz and all the heart-shaped foods available.

Other ideas that I like are having a spa day, taking the time to look after yourself. There are a few different things that really cheer me up – I’ll normally start with washing my hair, putting on a face mask and taking a bath with a nice bath bomb.

A movie marathon is also a great idea – maybe following your spa treatments, put on your favourite films and sit down with a bowl of popcorn and simply just be 🙂

Whatever you do throughout this ‘month of love’, put your mental and physical health at the forefront and really take the time to look after yourself. Let all that you do be done with love!

See you next week,