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Best part-time jobs for uni students

Best part-time jobs for uni students

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new post! I hope the lot of you have had a lovely week 😀.

On this week’s post I’m going to tell you which part-time jobs would be the best if you want to have some money aside while studying and if you are building up your CV. This is particularly easy for hospitality/tourism students when compared to students from other courses. This can be explained by the offer available to hospitality and tourism sites (restaurants, bars, hotels, travel agencies) in comparison to more specific areas.

Therefore let’s now start with a list of jobs you might consider while studying. Remember, having just a degree nowadays does not guarantee you’ll land your dream job after graduation, hence the importance of having relevant work experience in your CV.

1. Waiting staff

This one right here might look like a cliche, however it is still one of the many ways uni students make their money. You usually have work every week even on a zero hour contract, and tips are a very appealing side of the job. It is not for everyone though since the hours might be too long and you’re busy most of the time.

2. Bar staff

Another very popular option among university students. It is a fun job, and if you like alcohol, being creative, you have initiative and willingness to learn, you should be good! The pay is usually minimum wage most of the time, however you do get some gratuities. If you like talking to people, this is the job for you since it is quite sociable.

3. Hotel receptionist

We have stepped up the level of difficulty! Personally this one was my favourite job of all those mentioned. It is fun, you meet people from all over the world, you create long lasting relationships, and one thing I really liked about it was the administrative side of the role, which is great for someone who wants to grow their skillset. I must add that the workload (and complaints) can be quite overwhelming for a newbie! But if you’re hard-working and gifted in communication, you’ll be great 😄.

4. Retail assistant

I have actually worked as a retail assistant while doing my placement year simultaneously and I quite enjoyed it. The teams are always diverse and young, which is something I always take into account. Moreover, it is a relatively easy job, especially if you have no previous work experience. So if you see that retail vacancy open on LinkedIn, apply for it! The pay is usually more than minimum wage, but on the other hand no gratuities for you in this role.

5. Warehouse worker

I have mixed feelings about this one (my current role) but I decided to add it to the list since it’s good and quick money. It is proper hard and physical work, however most warehouses pay really well. I’d advise this type of job for someone who holds a driving licence (and car lol), and who wants to make quick and good money, since there’s always overtime available. Nonetheless, you have been warned! This is definitely not for everyone due to the mental and physical stress it can cause.

6. Healthcare assistant

If you are a current jobseeker you have probably seen multiple ads for care assistants. It is one of the roles that has grown the most since the beginning of Covid. Pay is usually a bit higher than minimum wage, and you can expect long shifts. If you like giving back to the community, are communicative and empathetic, and have an interest in the healthcare area, this is your call to apply for that job. 😉

Now dear readers I wish you all the best with your job searches and leave any comments if you would personally add any role to the list.

See you lot next week ☀️

Alex x

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