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World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day


So this time last week (3rd of March) was actually World Wildlife Day!! Now, World Wildlife Day is a thing because the UN and its partners dedicate this day to spreading awareness of the terrible situation of endangered animals. 

So, how can this blog help? I’m writing this blog to spread further awareness of this issue and how we can all help from the comfort of our own homes. 

Why do animals become endangered? 

There are many reasons, the big one being climate change. Climate change is causing devastation for many reasons including the food we eat and how it’s farmed, air, land and sea pollution. Habitat loss is also caused by climate change due to the excessive farming and the need for land. 

Another major thing we can do to help in the fight against extinction is signing petitions. These are always going around and can easily be found on social media sites including Instagram and Twitter. Why don’t you try and follow a couple of new Instagram pages today?

Here are my favourites:






More information can be found from United for Wildlife on what’s currently being done to help this cause and how we can help.

Another great website can be found here for how we can get involved and spread the all important message of animal and wildlife endangerment. 

You can help so simply, whether that be by following a social media account or making donations.

One great way I love supporting the environment and extinct animals is by shopping online. If I know there are birthdays coming up I will always check the WWF website to see if there is anything appropriate. 

Shopping on these websites, whether it’s for yourself or someone else, can make a huge difference and it’s great to know that you are sourcing ethical presents for people rather than choosing the big chain brands as that’s easier and familiar.

Along this same route of shopping, last Christmas I adopted a different animal for a few family members of mine. This not only made me feel good for paying to adopt some animals but it also made the people who were gifted these presents feel good too!

There are all kinds of different adoption packs, including a stuffed toy, stickers, fact sheets, certificates and more, making a great present to keep forever! 

The main message I want you guys to take away from this blog is that we can all play our part, no matter where we are in the world or how much money/resources we have. Helping a cause can be free and it can be easy. 

So, go out, sign a petition, adopt an animal and make today great!

See you next week,

Amelia 🙂

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