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Hello everybody! Welcome back to a new post 😊.

This week’s theme is sustainability – most of you have probably heard this word before. It is applied to characterise improvements in areas such as natural resources, technological and business developments, usage of energy and consumer purchasing behaviour, just to name a few.

And now you ask why is sustainability important? This is quite simple. With a growing population it might be hard to manage all resources so all of them are available for all the population. Our generation right now might be doing all right, however research shows that if we do not become more sustainable, we may jeopardise future generations. Therefore it is vital that we all start taking action and contributing towards a safer and sustainable environment.

What can I do to help then?

There are simple things you can do as an individual to contribute to a better world. Sometimes we might find ourselves thinking “but I’m just one person, it won’t make a difference.” However this thought is completely wrong. If everyone starts taking responsibility, we can all contribute to a better world.

Here are some things you can do: 😆

  1. Go plastic free! It is has been proven that plastic is extremely harmful for our earth and it takes ages to decompose. Simply replace your plastic straws with paper straws.
  2. Go vegan. It is not only healthy for the environment (and you’ll be saving lives as well) but it’s also healthy for you. The misconception that humans are only able to survive and strive on a meat-based diet is completely inaccurate.
  3. Don’t drive, take the bus 😄. For obvious reasons of course.
  4. Be wise with water.
  5. Vote! If you really want to change the way the environment changes, you must vote on the political party that matches closely with your beliefs and plans.

Hope you enjoyed this post, go out there and be sustainable 🌿.

Alex x

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