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How to stay positive through a pandemic

How to stay positive through a pandemic

Hi everyone, 

As we all know, we’re now heading for a year of lockdown restrictions and life through a pandemic. I know it’s not just me that’s finding this time round a lot harder, simply because it feels like we’ve been here for so long!!

I now look at this as a learning curve, and have been reflecting on how to give life a positive spin, trying to avoid dwelling on the negatives of all of this. This new positive side of life can be things I now do daily, or actual life changes that I try to do every now and then just to keep my mind distracted. 

A change in routine can be great. Now I’m back to lectures, that means an earlier alarm rather than just waking up and getting up whenever I want to. This earlier routine allows me to achieve so much more in the day, in turn helping to improve my mood and my productivity levels. Sorting out a routine in which you stick to certain timings can sound boring, but it makes sure the job gets done!

I have started to use this time to read. Rather than spending another 20 minutes on some form of social media, picking up a physical book can be a mood booster. I have spoken about it before in a previous blog, I was gifted a diary and you basically write in it every day, morning and night about what you’re grateful for and what you’ve done today to make someone else or yourself happy. Something like this allows you to give yourself recognition for the great things that you do and it’s also a lovely thing to be able to read back on. 

Talking of books, I recently treated myself to a new book called All On The Board. This book is written by two underground workers in London where they leave positive messages across the announcement boards. They have compiled some of these positive messages on their Instagram page and also in this book. It is a great book for the coffee table as you can just pick it up and put it back down whenever you fancy. It is a great mood booster and an amazing opportunity to have an insight into how everyone is different, but celebrating these differences.

Finally, I recently bought some motivational positive affirmation postcards. Now, these are probably one of my favourite things ever now! I not only send them to my friends to put a smile on my face but I also rotate them around my bedroom to remind myself to be positive. It is these small things that may be just the nudge you need that day to do what you need to do. 

You don’t have to buy a pack of postcards to be reminded of these things, you can simply Google ‘positive affirmations’, screenshot these and keep them on your phone to remind yourself that you can do it!

Here’s a few that I’ve stuck up on my wall for this week.

I hope this blog has helped just one person in that things will get better and little changes can boost your positivity.

Take care and keep smiling,

Amelia 🙂

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