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How to create the perfect working environment while working from home

How to create the perfect working environment while working from home

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you’re all OK. As we’re all stuck indoors more than ever right now, I though I’d share exactly how I create for myself the perfect working environment while working from home.

This all starts with creating the perfect desk space. Now, first of all I had a declutter, removing all unnecessary bits and pieces such as plants and photo frames. Instead I replaced this with some smaller bits and pieces to save some room.

A big top tip – bring some greenery into your workplace. This week’s choice is a beautiful vase of daffodils. Once your flowers bloom they create the most gorgeous, bright environment all in all, creating a pretty working environment. I also like to have a candle burning.

At the start of every day I lay out my laptop and the correct books needed for that day to limit the amounts of paper on my desk. To-do lists are all a necessity for me, whether I write them at the start of each day, or one list for the whole week. It breaks up the tasks I need to complete while seeming to make them that one little bit easier.

One tip on creating a to-do list though: make sure you add some tasks to break up your work, including of course, cake! Another thing I like to add to my to-do list is to call a friend or loved one, which doesn’t only build my mood but also allows me to check in on the wellbeing of those around me.

Finally, food and drinks. Again, crucial! If I have at least one snack and one hot and cold drink with me, that seems to limit the amount of times I ‘need to go downstairs and make another drink’, which turns into 20 minutes of procrastination.

All of these tips allow for a productive day 9 times out of 10 but you need to remember it’s OK to not always have a productive day. Some days it’s perfectly ok to have a day of calm, allowing you to gather your thoughts and feelings for the next day.

Keep smiling and I’ll see you all next week with a blog about returning to university.

Amelia 🙂

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