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My return to University College Birmingham

My return to University College Birmingham

Hi everyone, how are you?

As lockdown restrictions start to ease, this saw my return to University College Birmingham after a whole year had gone by! A whole year apart from my friends and a whole year of online lectures. As restrictions ease, this means we can start trickling back to uni for practical classes, and for me, this means attending my science lab sessions (which I LOVE)!!!

First of all, I went to get my Covid test, which is set up in Camden House (if you get to go back to uni, this is the building at the top of the road from McIntyre and Moss House). Luckily, this was a pleasant experience, from what I was expecting. There are plenty of students who are there to help and support you through the process of sticking a swab up your nose! You then receive your results over text and email, creating a very hassle-free experience! So make sure to get tested before returning to university or college because it’s very important.

But then the fun begins. It was so exciting seeing my friends appear throughout the building (did I mention, after a WHOLE year had gone by?) We all got changed into our science lab coats and headed for the science lab! Now, I try and fill my blogs with pictures, which went off to a flying start as I got some pictures with my friends for the blog. But when in the lab I just got too excited with the lab equipment and the new assignment that I completely forgot to take pictures of all the work I did in the lesson, but I’ll be sure to take pictures next time I’m in the lab for another blog post as it’s very exciting!!

After being filled with nerves about returning to uni, due to being locked indoors so long because of the pandemic, it was absolutely lovely to be back! A lot of us were very nervous about returning as it seems to be one step closer to life returning to normality and there seems to be a clear divide in those who can’t wait to return to normality and those who are sitting on the fence still hesitant for things to go back to normal – I think I’m still sat on the fence on this one!

Anyway, if you’re heading back to uni soon, or have already gone back, remember to enjoy every second of your uni days because hey, they are the best days of your life (according to everyone everywhere who ever went to university!)

Keep smiling and enjoy university!