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Easter, Lockdown Easing

Easter, Lockdown Easing

Last week the rules on meeting people socially were lifted. This meant we were now able to see up to 5 other people outdoors including in gardens.

So the first thing I did was book a train home to Coventry to see my parents. I hadn’t seen my mum since Christmas so it was really nice, thankfully it’s been a really sunny week and we had a picnic. It just felt so hopeful, both of my parents have had their first vaccine and it feels like this time we are opening back up for good. It’s been a really tough winter, I’ve found the combination of dark days and loneliness extremely difficult, but after this week I’m a lot more optimistic.

Then on Tuesday I met up with my friends from University College Birmingham – Jade and Na’il, who are on the same course as me. It was the first time we had all seen each other in person all year which is insane! We met up in town and so did loads of other people, town was full of friends reuniting after weeks and months and it was so brilliant to see people out and enjoying themselves after so long. Just made me really grateful for my brilliant friends and excited for more sunny days and good memories. Of course it’s still important to social distance outdoors and keep to the rules but even this level of freedom to see your friends and family feels so liberating.

I’ve attached a recipe for Caramel Easter Nests that I made this week and took with me when I saw my parents. They are really delicious but they did slightly revert back to cereal on the journey home!

Stay safe and have a great week.


Caramel Chocolate Easter Nests with Pretzels and Pecans

These are just like the ones you probably made in nursery school but with a couple more steps because I’m older and I feel fancier than I did as a child. The key to this is to not panic if your mixture splits. If the butter leaks out just get it back on the heat until everything is melted and whisk it all together.


200ml Condensed Milk

100g Dark Brown Sugar

100g Salted Butter

300g White Chocolate


1 handful of Pecans

2 handfuls of Pretzels

3 bags of Mini Eggs



  1. In a pan, weigh your sugar, butter and condensed milk, heat this slowly on the hob until the sugar melts into the milk and then whisk in the butter to create a sticky caramel mixture.
  2. Add the chocolate, this will cool down the caramel and may cause it to split, but keep heating it gently and you’ll incorporate it all together, This will make a fudgy mixture.
  3. In a bowl, pour in the white chocolate caramel mixture and mix in the pretzels, pecans and enough cornflakes so that they all get a decent coating of chocolate.
  4. Scoop the mixture into cupcake cases – I managed to get 16 cakes
  5. Press in 3 mini eggs into the centre of each nest.

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