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Day in the life of a bakery student at University College Birmingham

Day in the life of a bakery student at University College Birmingham

Hi everyone, it’s around this time of year that we’re all starting to think about career moves and the next steps we’re going to take after stages throughout our education. 

If you are just finishing your GCSEs and have a passion for all things sweet, this blog will be right up your street as I’m here to tell you all about a typical day of college at University College Birmingham studying Bakery and all the delicious bakes this includes!

I am about to finish my journey here after 5 years of college and university and I have to admit, nothing beats college days for me. It was my first big step after high school and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! 

Typically a day at college would have me waking up at around 5:30am and catching the train around an hour later for an 8am start. Now, don’t let that put you off because when you have the smell of freshly baked bread 4 hours later, it makes it all the more perfect! There is a great mixture of modules throughout the bakery course at University College Birmingham, all of which has a delightful mixture of practical and theoretical work, mainly based in the Summer Row building. 

When I was at college my favourite module was always confectionery because of the broad variety of creativity it allowed you to unveil, including all things chocolate, cake and patisserie. If you choose to extend your stay at University College Birmingham and check into the university side of life, you will expand on all the knowledge and skills you’ve previously learned at college.

I also had valuable lessons in cake decorating and sugar flowers. At the time these modules frustrated me because of the fiddly work and the accuracy required. However, looking back now, these modules have allowed me to take these skills forward in creating wedding cakes for friends of my own, which I never would’ve had the skills or confidence to do without enjoying my time here so much. 

Generally, bakery at University College Birmingham entails early mornings and earlier finishes, allowing you enough time to go home and enjoy all the delicious goodies you’ve created that day! So if you’re thinking about making the move to UCB, take it from me, it will be the best decision you ever make – from the fantastic facilities to the caring lecturers, this is definitely the place to be and bakery is the course to be on, no doubt about it!

All jokes aside, University College Birmingham is a great place to study. No matter which course you choose, you’ll instantly become part of the family. 

Amelia 🙂