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My Path to Veganism

My Path to Veganism

Happy Wednesday!

An exciting blog for me this week and something I have gained so much interest in over the past 2 or 3 years! 

To me, food is life (which may come as no surprise as I am the foodie bakery blogger). Since turning vegetarian a few years ago I have been so much more creative with the foods I eat and I actually pay attention to the foods I’m putting into my body. As they say, eat the rainbow! That doesn’t just apply to sweets, you know.

It only takes one simple search on any social media platform to be met with a mixed response, either that negative stigma with people suggesting that a vegan lifestyle will cause the ground to swallow you up and you will cease to exist. OR there is the opposite opinion which is in favour of veganism and all the wonders it holds. If you hadn’t guessed, I’m on the happier side of vegan life!

I’m not saying that I am a fully fledged vegan and have been one for my entire life; it is a fairly new thing for me and I do occasionally slip up with chocolate or foods that you would assume are vegan, yet have some hidden beeswax in or butter or milk. Some foods blow my mind with the hidden milk powder inside (that you wouldn’t think is needed). But there are also some foods which are accidentally vegan, Oreos for example. How BRILLIANT is that!

This blog post is not me pushing my views onto you, instead it’s just me wanting to draw attention to the amazing health and environmental benefits veganism entails. Since sticking to a vegan diet I feel a lot happier within myself and generally have a more positive attitude towards life, which I heard a lot from people following the vegan lifestyle, but if I’m honest, I thought that was a load of rubbish. How can food affect your mood? Other than the fact that we are happy when we eat foods we like. 

Vegansim isn’t all about food, it also relates to the cosmetics we buy and the clothes we wear. If you love all things animals and planet friendly, maybe the vegan train is one you should consider hopping on.

Now, I’m a bakery student so my first love is always anything sweet! And I have to admit, I thought what on earth will I do if I can never make a gooey chocolate cake with vegan ingredients? Little did I know, vegan food is just as good if not better than animal derived products – I do like to feed friends and family with vegan food without telling them, and then after it’s been eaten and adored I surprise them with the fact that YES IT WAS VEGAN!! 

I’ll be sure to share plenty of my favourite vegan recipes, particularly on a budget as those are the kind of recipes I’m looking for as a student! If there are any tips you have on recipes or the ways of the vegan life you have or want me to share, feel free to leave them in the comments.

See you all next week,

Amelia 🙂

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