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Shops Re-opening… #PerrieMadeMeDoIt

Shops Re-opening… #PerrieMadeMeDoIt

Hello again!

How are you? I hope you are staying safe and happy!

Last week, non-essential shops reopened and the mayhem began! Hundreds of fashion lovers queued up in humungous queues outside of their most loved shops. What is your favourite shop? Were you in these big queues or are you waiting for it all to calm down a bit? If you went recently I hope you enjoyed your experience and if you are going soon remember to stay safe – wear a face mask, use hand gel and keep your distance! 🙂

You may or may not have heard of Perrie Sian… she is now an Instagram sensation and shows off her love for fashion! I also know Perrie through Nu Skin as I also used to be an ambassador. To me, she was greatly influential and she also encouraged us to learn about The Law of Attraction (which I now religiously follow). Perrie has recently gained thousands of followers from her recent Dyson giveaway and has gained even more for her fashion content. Perrie followers are now posting with #perriemademedoit due to her fashion influence. I personally LOVE her outfits and wish I could have gone to Primark and Zara today too but I was honestly a bit anxious to be among hundreds of people and need to save my pennies too!

Perrie has a love for neutral colours but has recently shown a more colourful variety of outfits. On 13 April she went to Primark along with the so-called Primani Army… and she spent a whopping £490!! I don’t think she will be keeping everything she bought as she uses the outfits to showcase in her reels. I always get a little bit excited to watch her reels, it’s a really fun way of looking at fashion styles.

What’s your favourite style? I have picked a few of my favourite Perrie outfits from her latest Primark shopping haul reel for you to see below, and you can follow her on Instagram @perriesian. I think Primark have a reasonable price range and I know they have recently launched their sustainability range! I am super excited to go and take a look at it!

Do you love Primark? Which shop are you most excited to visit? I would say Zara and Primark are the two shops I am most looking forward to visiting!

Please also remember that if you have clothes which you no longer wear you can sell them on Vinted – this encourages reusing items and enjoying fashion in a sustainable way. You never know, you may also find some items you love on there as well!

I hope you can safely enjoy shopping soon! Happy shopping!

Thanks for reading!

Charley x


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