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My dissertation is over, I’m off to the pub

My dissertation is over, I’m off to the pub

So we finally hit it: 22 April. I’ve never had such strong emotions on a Thursday before and it feels surreal. But it is gone, sent, posted and I feel so free.

Different people manage their final projects extremely differently. Some ignore and cram it in the last month, others create elaborate organisers and colour coded charts. I feel like my strategy was somewhere in the middle – I worked on it steadily throughout the year, but I never once felt like I was on top of it. In the end it was fine though, I finished my proofreading, corrected my contents list, and checked it had actually uploaded about 7 times. I feel so free!

The pubs have been open for a week or so, but I’ve been far too stressed to allow myself to go. Tonight I’m meeting up with some friends and celebrating with a pint. I thought it would be apt to give a few suggestions on where you can go out in Brum at the moment:

  • The Distillery – Out of all the options I think this one feels the most like you’re back inside the pub. There’s a giant outdoor screen with the football and it has a great atmosphere every evening. It’s based out of a refurbished canal warehouse with a roundhouse next to it and has a beautiful setting just next to the canal. However, it is extremely popular so you’ll definitely want to book as far in advance as you can to get a table.


  • The Canal House – Just a road down from the Library of Birmingham, The Canal House has a beer garden overlooking the canal basin, it catches all of the sun, and looks really nice in the evening when it’s lit up with fairy lights too.


  • Zumhof Biergarten – Based in Digbeth, this German-style beer hall always has events running so it’s a great one if you’re looking for something a bit different. The beer is incredible and they also have an array of cocktails. Their outside area is really big so it’s one of the easier ones to book a table too.


  • The Loft – In the Birmingham Gay Village, The Loft was my first port of call after finishing my dissertation. The cocktails will knock you out and it has a really friendly atmosphere, there’s a really nice beer garden with heat lamps and they’ve also extended seating to outside the front of the bar too.  You don’t need to book so it’s good if you’re after something a bit more spontaneous.


  • Others – I haven’t yet got to these but thought it was worth mentioning in case anyone is struggling to book a table anywhere else.  I’d recommend heading to the areas around The Mailbox and Brindleyplace if you’re stuck for somewhere – this part of town has much more outdoor space for bars to fit seating in than other parts of town. So in-between The Mailbox and New Street you’ve got Bonehead, Cherry Reds and Brew Dog and a short walk to Brindleyplace is also full of tables at The Pitcher and Piano and canalside.

I hope everyone who had dissertations is enjoying a bit of an exhale and relax. I hope everyone also has a lovely week.



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