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My year in lockdown: Looking back on 2020 – and ahead to 2021!

My year in lockdown: Looking back on 2020 – and ahead to 2021!

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re doing well and enjoyed the sunshine last week! I definitely got sunburned already!

As the lockdown is now officially over and we see the pubs opening up again and people back in the streets, I wanted to talk about my year in lockdown, as it has been an interesting one, and definitely (you might be surprised) much better than I expected it to be.

So, let’s start.

Come the beginning of January 2020 I was working in an events management agency, BI Worldwide, where I was on my work placement. As I was working on an event that was supposed to take place in Bangkok, I first heard about the coronavirus in December 2019, and at first, it seemed like a minor thing that was too far away to reach Europe, never mind the whole world!

But after the event was cancelled in February, it all started to seem more real!

In March, we all started working from home, and what I expected to be a 2-week period of time turned into furlough. I think I actually made the best out of it, as I finished a Teaching English as a Foreign Language course and also learned how to play the ukulele! Definitely one of the best investments I have made, as today I play it with my friends and in the get-togethers. 🙂

Finally, after a month in lockdown, I decided to spend my summer back in my home country, Croatia, where the impact of the virus was not as big. I had a great summer on the beach, with fewer parties but also fewer tourists! So can’t complain, a time well spent with friends and family.

In September, I moved back to the UK for my final year of university and I remember when I first landed at Stansted Airport, I didn’t really want to be there in the first place and I was so scared of what was going to happen and what this year was going to bring. However, if I saw then the place where I am now, I wouldn’t have a reason to be scared at all.

I’m currently finishing my final year in university, on track for a first class and also living in a beautiful flat, working in a job I really enjoy with people who push me to be 1% better every day.

I am excited about everything that’s coming, and I have invested so much time in my self-development in the last year that the only thing I can say about the year in lockdown is: to different minds, the same world is a hell or a heaven. And for me, it was the latter for sure.

The future is bright, if only you remember to turn on the lights!

Thanks for reading,


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