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Stress Busting with Audrey Tang: Part 1

Stress Busting with Audrey Tang: Part 1

Hello again!

How are you? Have you been enjoying the sunshine this last week? I certainly have!

Last week I also attended an online session with Audrey Tang and some guest speakers who taught some really useful stress-busting tools so I thought I would share three of them with you today!

Wise words from Audrey

Stress during the 21st century is psychological, it’s not physical like it was years ago for cavemen and women. Therefore, psychological stress requires psychological tools in order to beat it!

Tool 1: Know your Goal!

First, draw a circle and divide it into 8 segments. You can then label these segments as different areas of focus.

For example, if you are working on an assignment and are overwhelmed or struggling to do certain things, label these segments as different areas of your assignment (e.g. research, note-taking, booking an appointment with a subject librarian, introduction, main body, conclusion, booking an appointment with CASE, references).

You can also adapt this to your life if you feel as though you are struggling. For example, your segments could be: morning routine, eating 3 healthy meals, sleeping pattern, daily walk or fresh air, exercise, positive affirmations/gratitude/meditation/therapy/counselling, stretching, work.

Then you should rate each segment on a scale of 1-10 as to where you think you are in relation to that segment (1 being “not able to do it” and 10 being “I am great with this section”).

It is easy to focus on the ones which you enjoy and you do not need to put too much pressure on yourself – just focus on how you can increase each low-rated segment by 1 (i.e how can you get that 2 to become a 3).

Tool 2: Clear your head!

Some Tips for a Purposeful Personal and Professional Life! | by Glee Factor | Medium

Create a grid of 4 sections and label them: Important and urgent; Urgent but not important; Important but not urgent; Not important and not urgent. Place each of your tasks in the relevant section.

For the tasks in the Important and urgent section – DO IT 🙂

For the tasks in the Urgent but not important section – Delegate it to someone trustworthy that can do it for you (e.g. parents, friends, colleagues)

For the tasks in the Important but not urgent section – Delay it and do it at a later date (by doing this at a later date you will probably enjoy it more because you will have done all of your Important and urgent tasks first!

For the tasks in the Not important and not urgent section – DELETE IT! (e.g. tasks such as scrolling on social media and comparing habits)

Tool 3: Re-energize to keep doing this!

Putting a Human Face on Your Corporate Values

Draw 3 cups of your favourite drink! Then think of 3 people who you would love to sit with and have that drink, and for each person think “What is it about this person that makes you want to be around them?” Write that person’s values on that cup.

The idea of this task is to work to also have those values yourself and tell that person: “My life coach told me to tell you that I love how you are…” (tell them their values, or tell them I really enjoyed talking to you yesterday, you’re so positive and happy). They will most likely not hear this often and it will make them happy as well as make them realise it’s important to others that they are like this. Do this every night and notice which names crop up and which names you tend not to write down. The idea is to spend more time with the people who you write about and squeeze out the ones who you never write down (you can even say no to going out with them, tell them you don’t have time today). Take control of the vibes you surround yourself with!

I will share with you another two of Audrey’s tools next week, as well as some wise words from the guest speakers! Stay tuned 😉

Stay safe! Thanks for reading!

Charley x

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