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What I wish I knew before starting my degree

What I wish I knew before starting my degree

Hello everyone, and welcome back to a new post by yours truly!

By the way, I’m sorry for not posting anything last week. With all the stress from some assignments that I have due in the following days and a dissertation to complete, sometimes it’s hard to come up with some original content for all of you! Nevertheless, now I’m back, and today I want to talk about some of the things I wish I had known before starting my degree.

I know I’m probably not the only person in this situation, but I had realised back in my first year that hospitality was not for me. Still, since I always had the mentality of ‘once you get into something, might as well just stick with it till the end’, I ended up staying in this course. I came so far that I’m actually now about to graduate.

I’ve always tried to look at the bright side of every situation, and the bright side with this degree was the soft skills that I would acquire and transversal competencies, which is true. I did get these! And I can still follow my dreams after graduating and think about what I actually want to do in the future. I’ve learned a lot here at University College Birmingham, had a great time, especially in my first and second year (then coronavirus happened, and it ruined it, lol), and made great friendships that I know will be long lasting. And this is all great! But the main point is that up until a few months ago, I felt like I had lost 4 years of my life, spending money on something I do not intend to do for the rest of my life (or even the near future).

I just wanted to share a bit of my story just in case someone else – a fresher, second-year student or even third year – feels the same way. Remember, it’s never too late, and you are not a quitter for doing what you think is best for you. Or even if you did end up getting to your final year, we are still young and have all the time in the world to follow our dreams. With the pressure of social media, since we see many young people with their lives together at a young age, sometimes we forget everyone in this world has their timing, and things will eventually get on the right track, sooner or later. So never give up on yourself and try not to be so hard on yourself. Life is made of ups and downs, and if you do have the desire to improve and follow your dreams, I believe the world is your oyster and nothing can stop you or outshine you!

I got into uni relatively young, I was only 17 and didn’t want to waste any time, so I decided not to work in different areas and see what else is out there. I now deeply regret this, so if any youth sees this and feels pressured to go straight into uni after your BTEC or A-levels, do not feel rushed! Take your time, see what you really want to do, maybe take a gap year, and you’ll see you’ll end up making the right decision. 🙂

With love,

Alex x

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