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National Eat What You Want Day – May 11, 2021

National Eat What You Want Day – May 11, 2021

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re all good and getting on well with the deadlines!

If you didn’t know, today is National Eat What You Want Day. I didn’t even know this sort of day existed, to be honest, and I think many of my days could be named the same, haha!

However, I believe most of us are often like this and it is important we take care of what we feed our body, as there is a saying that ‘you are what you eat’, so hopefully, you guys are taking good care of your diet and making sure you are eating variety of different food!

But on today’s day, let’s talk about anything you want to eat!!!

Here are a couple of ideas:

  1. Eat dinner for breakfast! A lot of times I wake up and just want to have a curry or fries for breakfast (don’t judge), so if you are one of those people, make sure you do that tomorrow!
  2. Treat yourself to a takeaway you’ve been craving for way too long!
  3. Try out a new recipe:)

And according to the Vancouver Marketing Agency, here is the full ranking of foods Americans would eat every day if they didn’t have to worry about the consequences:

1: Pizza (13%)

2: Pasta (12%)

3: Burgers (11%)

4: Ice cream (11%)

5: Tacos or burritos (9%)

6: Chocolate (9%)

7: French fries (9%)

8: Donuts (7%)

9: Cake (6%)

10: Chips (5%)

11: Cheese (4%)

12: Cookies (4%)

Enjoy your National Eat What You Want Day and treat yourself!!

Thanks for reading,


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