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Save the Bees!

Hi everyone, 

I have a very important blog for you this week and its all about our fuzzy little friends!

Ask me a few years ago and I’d be the first person to run away from a bee if it flew anywhere near me. However, knowing how crucial they are to life on Earth and knowing what would happen if bees didn’t exist is a very scary thought. 

Bees are critical for pollination worldwide and without bees and this mass pollination, the availability of fresh produce will decline to a devastating level, ultimately resulting in the unavailability of foods for us humans. 

So what can we do to help, you may ask?

  • Grow a bee friendly space. Now, you don’t have to be a gardening professional for this one, in fact, you don’t have to do much at all. If you have a garden, let a part of it grow wild, it’s as simple as that! Grab yourself a packet of wildflower seeds, or any bee-friendly flowers or plant, and sprinkle them over the part of the garden that you’re growing out. These seeds and flowers are readily available for reasonable prices from most supermarkets and garden centres. Lavender is another plant I have placed all over my garden, the bees love it!
  • Give a bee a home! By this, I don’t mean go outside, catch all the bees and keep them in your bedroom, I mean, give them a home, outside. Ever heard of bee or bug hotels? They are incredibly easy to build or purchase and will provide bees with the crucial shelter when they need it.
  • Buy locally-sourced honey. I am vegan, so naturally I choose not to eat honey due to the processes bees are put through in making this. However, if you love your honey in the morning, this doesn’t mean you can’t eat it. But buying your honey from locally-sourced businesses has a great impact on bee welfare. Local beekeepers spend the time really nurturing and caring for their bees and this way, you’re also supporting smaller businesses over the larger corporations. 

I recently read that in a bee’s lifetime, they will only make one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey. All that hard work for such a tiny outcome! So next time you’re enjoying your honey, make sure to think of those bees and even maybe give back to those bees by buying some bee-friendly plants and honey.

So, get out there, look after those bees, I think they do enough for us!

Until next week,

Amelia 🙂

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