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Veggie Chat: 101

Veggie Chat: 101

Happy Wednesday to you all!

This week I want to give you an update on the vegetable patch. I have mentioned this before in a previous blog post – the vegetable patch was my ‘lockdown 2020’ project and has since become a new hobby of mine. So if you read my first blog post about my vegetable patch, this is kind of a little update: 6 months later.

I am not a great gardener and it’s just something I do in my spare time, especially when the weather is nice! What I didn’t quite realise was how long vegetables take to grow – now not all veg takes months and months to grow, in fact there are some things you can grow within the space of around 28 days. For example, my salad leaves are coming along nicely (I planted these around 2 weeks ago) so hopefully in another 2 weeks these will be ready to eat! It’s very exciting when something is ready to eat and as silly as it sounds, it makes you feel very proud of yourself!

Last year I planted cabbages and sprouts. However, the sprouts didn’t really go to plan for me (I think I planted them too late). Although we never harvested any sprouts, we have been blessed with the most gorgeous yellow flowers from the sprout plants. I have decided to keep half of the sprout plants in the vegetable patch for now, until other crops are big enough to plant out. Oh, also because the bees and butterflies absolutely LOVE these yellow flowers – so not only is growing vegetables rewarding for us humans but it is also rewarding for surrounding wildlife (including the squirrels, which are currently burying holes in all of my pots… but we let them because they are cute). 

One big success is the cabbage. We have been harvesting leaves from this for around 2 months now, sharing this with friends and family too! I think it may keep us going for a while longer yet.

If you have any interest in growing vegetables or simply just want to know how easy it is to grow vegetables, here I am to tell you that it can be so easy, so go out and grab yourself some vegetable seeds or seedlings (which are half grown for you – this way all you have to do is plant them out into larger pots). 

If you already grow vegetables or have any questions about the vegetable life, feel free to hit us up on our Instagram page @ucbloggers.

All the veggie best,

Amelia 🙂

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