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My Eco-Friendly Swap Shop

My Eco-Friendly Swap Shop

Happy Wednesday!

Recently the conversations surrounding Seaspiracy and climate change and the foods we eat have been paramount. I have discussed my choices before around changing my diet to a vegan one which was a pretty easy decision for myself as I have never liked cheese or eggs (don’t judge – this is a safe space). So all I had to do to change to a vegan diet was find new milk types and new chocolate, which has actually been a nice journey.

However, this is not an easy process for all. So I thought I would write a blog about other changes we can make in life to benefit the planet if you can’t completely ditch the meat and dairy. I have written a blog post on this before, however, in the recent months of continuous online shopping and scrolling through social media, I have had no other option but to shop around for more eco-friendly swaps.

Firstly, make-up removal cloths are an absolute godsend and have saved me sooooo much money over the past year that I’ve been using them. You literally just have to buy the cloths and wash your face using just water, saving the costs of all the expensive cleansing waters – which I’m convinced are just water with smells? So this pack of make-up removal cloths not only saves you money on expensive cleansers, but also saves the endless amounts of plastic bottles thrown away. Did I mention that they last forever too?

Next up on the list is a new addition and it’s floss! This may sound boring but flossing is something I have never really thought too much about when it comes to dental care, yet it’s something very important. I was advised to buy the single-use plastic-handled floss sticks but I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. So yet again, I got my phone out and did some research. I stumbled across this nifty little jar of floss, which is just a little bigger than my pinky finger – I keep one at home and I also keep one in my handbag because there’s nothing more embarrassing than being told you have something stuck in your teeth. This floss is vegan and biodegradable meaning it will degrade after a short period of time rather than staying on planet Earth for the rest of eternity. 

Hair care is important to many of us and over the recent lockdown was something I heavily looked into, and shampoo and conditioner bars are one of life’s little wonders. They come in all colours, smells, shapes and sizes ideal to match all individuals. From dry to frizzy to oily hair, there is something for everyone. Oh, and the major benefit? No plastic and they last you for months and months. And the even better thing? You can play around with these hair care bars until you find flavours that you like the best and then give your recommendations to friends and family. 

Finally, this fun stuff from Lush! It acts as shampoo and body wash all in one – crazy, right? It smells absolutely incredible and leaves you smelling nice and fresh all day long. What I really like about this product is the fact that it comes in different colours and each colour can be split from the rest and stored in a nifty little tin, so this way you can transport a small amount with you rather than the whole bar. It acts like play-doh transporting us all back to childhood. The thin plastic sheet this is wrapped in can be composted at the end of its life too, again, saving your plastic bottles!

All these swaps discussed in today’s blog can easily be found with a quick Google search and personal preference – everyone is different and make-up removal cloths may not be the thing for you, but I hope this blog post has at least opened your eyes to the new and wonderful world of all things planet-friendly. It’s my mission to carry on exploring all these new and exciting things that we use day to day but with a touch more consciousness and eco-friendliness. 

So go forth and conquer, my eco warriors!

Amelia 🙂

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