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My favourite modules as a Food Development and Innovation student

My favourite modules as a Food Development and Innovation student

The era is ending. Last Thursday I had my first meet-up in person with my course mates and lecturers as well as my last tutorial ever. It’s very cheesy to talk about your uni experience being a journey but it’s true! I’m nothing like the man who enrolled on the course 3 years ago. Day by day it can feel sometimes like not much is changing but I look back now and my life is so different. So I thought I’d write this one about my favourite modules during my time at University College Birmingham.

Contemporary Food Communication

This was probably my favourite module. In it we had the opportunity to work in teams and film 10-minute instructional cooking tutorials aimed at a specific consumer demographic. My favourite part about this module is that it took the theory from previous modules on marketing and consumer psychology and applied it. It also challenged us to try video editing which I hadn’t ever done before, but it was a great challenge and I really enjoyed it.

Research for Food

This module was like a mini dissertation in the second year. I think it’s a great example of how University College Birmingham helps prepare students from less academic backgrounds to adjusting to university. As part of this module we took a trip to the AGA oven factory in Telford and then undertook a research project comparing how their ovens affect the baking of certain products. We created a methodology, a literature review and theoretical framework. At the time I found this module quite challenging but as soon as I started my dissertation in my third year, I realised how useful it had been. It helped me identify strengths and weaknesses in my research skills early and taught me the mindset necessary for writing a dissertation.


I did not want to do this module! For our third year options there was a teaching module that I had signed up for, however due to the small size of my course it was unable to run, so instead I was placed in my second choice: Branding. However, this turned out to be one of my best grades in my whole time at university. I realised that branding was something that I really understood and enjoyed and I found the lectures really engaging.  This module taught me to always keep an open mind with learning, because a subject that you might not think is right for you might actually be something you end up excelling in.

I’m sure everyone has had a similar experience with uni – some modules come really easy and some take a lot of dedication. Overall I’ve had a brilliant experience and I feel really prepared now to start working and applying my skills. I hope everyone has a great final couple of weeks, my lectures are all done so it’s all assignment until graduation.


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