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Men’s Health Week 2021

Men’s Health Week 2021

International Men’s Health Week (MHW) always begins on the Monday before Father’s Day and ends on Father’s Day itself.  In 2021, it will run from Monday 14 June until Sunday 20 June.

MHW gives everyone an opportunity to encourage men and boys to take better care of their health and to seek help or treatment at an early stage.

MHW is marked in many European countries, as well as in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and a number of other places worldwide.  The overall aims of the week are to:

  1. Heighten awareness of preventable health problems for males of all ages
  2. Support men and boys to engage in healthier lifestyle choices/activities
  3. Encourage the early detection and treatment of health difficulties in males

Each year, there is also a specific theme. 

The last year’s lockdowns and insecurities have tested everyone’s mental health, and it’s not over yet. Questions, concerns and anxieties persist as we emerge from what we hope will be the worst of the pandemic. How do we move forward? This is the theme of Men’s Health Week 2021.

For Men’s Health Week 2021, there is a CAN DO challenge that everybody can join.

The five ways to wellbeing are five things we can all do that are scientifically-proven to help us feel better.

Every day, a different way

The five ways are:

  • Connect – connect with other people (e.g. call an old friend you haven’t since before lockdown) #connectmonday
  • (Be) Active – move your body (e.g. go for a run/walk/swim/dance etc.) #activetuesday
  • Notice – take notice of the environment around you (e.g. turn off your phone for an hour) #noticewednesday
  • Discover – learn something new (e.g. read a book you haven’t read before) #discoverthursday
  • Offer (or give) – do something for someone else (e.g. volunteer for a local community group) #offerfriday

Hopefully some of you will join this challenge and celebrate MHW 2021 in style!

Let’s raise awareness of this important topic and continue to take care of each other.

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