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Becoming at one with nature

Becoming at one with nature

Hi everyone, how are we all enjoying the sunshine? If you’re anything like me I’m LOVING it and trying to make the absolute most of the weather while it is here because let’s face it, it never lasts too long!

Last week I took a trip out to a National Trust garden called Dudmaston – it’s not too far from where I live and is located in the Kidderminster area. I went with my mum, dad and grandma and we enjoyed a lovely picnic before taking a long and relaxing walk around the gardens. 

Luckily we packed too much cake so there was enough cake to have another slice after this hike we had just taken! 

Dudmaston is filled with the most beautiful plants, flowers and trees, with the cherry on the cake being the huge lake that is right in the middle of the garden. We took a long route around this lake and were walking for around about 2 hours. 

It wasn’t just the beautiful scenery that we enjoyed but as we walked round this lake, around each corner were a different group of animals, including geese, swans, cows, sheep and ducks. One duck took a particular interest in us and followed us round for a good stretch of this walk – I named him Donald!

If you’re anything like me and want to make the most of this beautiful weather or simply just want to be at one with nature, I’d strongly suggest a trip to a National Trust garden – it serves as such a relaxing day out. It’s worth mentioning each site has a shop and outdoor seating areas to eat and drink from the lovely cafes – what could be better than sitting in a beautiful garden with some ice cream? 

A day out surrounded by nature really did serve as a mood booster for me and I would recommend doing so if you’re still writing assignments or any kind of work. Take a couple of hours out to be at one with nature – it will do just the trick! 

See you all soon,

Amelia 🙂 

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