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Staycations in the UK

Staycations in the UK

Travelling overseas is currently quite restricted and expensive. Despite the fast vaccine rollout in the UK, several countries still require a PCR test prior to entry in the country, and these tests can be quite expensive and add to your total holiday budget. If you’d still like to enjoy your holidays the summer, you can decide to stay in the UK and visit several beautiful destinations near the British seashore, subsequently saving on Covid tests.

Here’s a list of places you can travel this summer within the UK:

  • Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the UK’s most famous summer destinations. Filled with sandy beaches and enticing views of the deep blue sea and beautiful valleys, it is the perfect getaway for someone looking to enjoy the sun and beach in the UK. Furthermore the climate is often balmy most of the summer.

  • Blackpool

Now heading to the North of England you will find Blackpool. It is one of the UK’s top spots for beachgoers and it is perfect for families with kids who can usually find plenty to do in the city. The Blackpool Pleasure Beach should be your first stop – this theme park is really popular and there are lots of rides for everyone’s liking!

  • Brighton

Brighton may not be as warm as some other places in Europe, however it sure has its charm! The seafront in Brighton is very beautiful and lively, a great place to spend the day relaxing and having fun. Plus, if you’re a fan of seafood, you’ll soon realise that no other place in the UK has such nice seafood as Brighton.

  • Edinburgh

Now if you’re not really looking for a beach destination, why not head up north to our neighbour Scotland and visit its capital Edinburgh? An exquisite destination if you’re looking for a place bursting with history and mystery. Much of Edinburgh city centre is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you can visit sites deemed worthy of preservation due to their high value to humanity. Perfect for great pictures and surely a visit worth remembering!

Take care 🙂

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