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I turned 21

I turned 21

Hey, how are you all?

So last week I turned 21!!! And boy was I lucky with the weather, my birthday was on the Tuesday and the weather was that gorgeous that of course I spread out the celebrations for the whole week. 

Now I didn’t go mad and I obviously wasn’t out in the clubs like how most of us expect our special birthdays to pan out, but I tell you, Covid has for sure put into perspective what’s really important in life and that’s not where you celebrate, it’s who you celebrate with! 

I had the weekend before my birthday off work which meant I could see friends and family in the garden, with plenty of Pimm’s, cake and sunshine which was absolutely lovely! 

Then I spent my actual birthday going out for a lovely meal with my close family and had a ‘few’ drinks in the evening with my friends. 

Unfortunately due to you-know-what, my boyfriend couldn’t just fly home for my birthday (he temporarily lives in France) which was a real shame, but we spent a while on FaceTime while I opened my presents and had a drink. Although it wasn’t the same, it was absolutely perfect to see everyone I wanted through the means of garden celebrations and social media. 

These birthday celebrations really helped me to see that birthdays don’t have to be this massive social media event where everyone has to know it’s your birthday or else it didn’t happen. It’s about who is there when it counts and I can’t thank my friends and family enough who were there for me to bring in this next chapter of my life! 

As I’m writing this and looking back on my birthday, I have just remembered that I get some grades back from uni next week. But this ‘birthday week’ as I call it was exactly what I needed to take my mind off all the worries and stresses of what grades I’ll be getting, when I’ll be getting them and what that will mean for my future. 

When you finish uni, it’s common to have to wait a while for your final classification which is why the end of uni felt strange, because there’s always that thought in the back of your mind like… ‘well, yay it’s over, but omg I hope I get the grades I want and deserve for all that hard work!’ So sometimes you need to let go, live life and just simply be. You know that famous song by The Beatles? Let It Be. I think that’s my new life motto: what will be will be, the hard work is done now and it’s behind me so just let it be. 

For most of us at University College Birmingham, the hard work is over for the year and we have the summer to enjoy, so why don’t we do exactly that?? Enjoy your summer, people!

Look after yourselves,

Amelia 🙂

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