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Getting the first Covid jab

Getting the first Covid jab

Hello again!

Have you had your vaccine yet? Are you nervous about your first jab?

On 15 June I received a text from the NHS saying that my age group (23-24 year olds) had reached the top of the queue and are a priority for getting the free NHS vaccine. I was then able to book for the following day at my local pharmacy and there was a lot of available appointments. On my way to the appointment I bumped into my neighbours who asked where I was going, so of course I told them but I wasn’t very reassured by their reaction! They warned me that they were both really ill after their vaccines but were still encouraging me to get mine. Apparently they slept a lot after theirs and they had a really bad head.

Despite feeling a bit anxious, I made it to the pharmacy! As I walked in I realised there was absolutely no point in arriving on time for my booking as the queue was super long and there were people from all different time slots! When it was finally my turn to get vaccinated, I sat down and this lovely lady asked me some routine questions regarding my health and she warned me of the common flu-like symptoms which I may get. She said that if I do feel poorly I should be able to manage the side effects with some paracetamol at home. However, she did give me a number to call just in case my body didn’t react very well. I didn’t feel a thing when she injected the vaccine, it was super fast and painless! The lady then told me to take a seat and wait for 15 minutes, then if I felt fine I was free to go. This is just in case you have a bad reaction to the injection as this should be noticeable within 15 minutes or less.

The 15 minutes was soon over so I got up and walked home. I did a bit of shopping and felt perfectly fine. I did have a rest on my sofa when I got back home and then a tight headache came on, along with a bit of an achy arm. However, I drank my usual 2 litres of water throughout the day and the headache disappeared, so I didn’t have any real side effects! I remember having achy arms from vaccines I received at school so this was nothing out of the ordinary – my neighbours definitely made me worry that I would be a lot more poorly, haha! I think everybody reacts to the vaccine differently, some have bad side effects whereas some feel nothing at all.

If you are wondering which vaccine I had, it was Pfizer – this is the vaccine that is said to give fewer side effects. I wasn’t aware of which vaccine I was getting until I arrived at the pharmacy but I did notice that anyone who was arriving for their second vaccine was getting the AstraZeneca.

Which vaccine have you had? Or have you not received it yet? Don’t worry if you are waiting for yours! A positive mindset is always beneficial and hopefully you won’t experience any side effects 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Charley x

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