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Visiting University College Birmingham: One last time :(

Visiting University College Birmingham: One last time :(

Hi everyone, 

Unfortunately this week is a bit of a sad blog for me as I went to University College Birmingham for the last time – my home for the last 5 years, the place I’ve made some of my most favourite memories.

Last week I drove into Birmingham with my mum to clear out my locker, hand my keys back and return my library books. It was a bit of a surreal day and one I never anticipated! My mum came with me as she has also loved University College Birmingham and all the events I have participated in which involved bringing friends and family along, but also all the amazing food I have brought home over the last 5 years, of course! 

I know I’ve said before that I have been at University College Birmingham for 5 years – I started at college and worked my way up to university – and I have pretty much enjoyed every last minute of my time here, but unfortunately I must grow up and venture into the big wide world now. 

I parked at the Arena Birmingham north car park, which is great for anyone who needs to drive into the city because it’s only a short walk (5 minutes) along the beautiful canal and it brings you out right over the road from the Summer Row campus – the perfect walk in the beautiful sunshine! 

I came into town with my mum and we enjoyed a nice lunch at Starbucks (also located just down the road from University College Birmingham). If you are considering studying here, or you already are a University College Birmingham student, you will realise how many hot spots there are next to the campus – it really is located in such a hot spot – so get out there and explore. You’ll find some quaint little places hidden down side streets and round the corners. That’s one thing I really will miss about my time at the University – not only the time I spent there but the time I spent in Birmingham, before and after college/university, popping out to the shops, or getting an earlier train so I could visit that cute little cafe down the road for a coffee. 

University College Birmingham, you’ve been a dream! I’d like to really advise anyone studying in the heart of the city to treasure every moment there because you’ll really miss it when you leave! Make the most of any opportunities that come your way, including work placements and competitions, because trust me, the advice and support University College Birmingham provide is phenomenal so use it!

Look after yourselves and I’ll see you next week for my last ever blog as a UCBlogger!

Amelia 🙂