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Learning how to say NO

Learning how to say NO

Hello everyone! 😄 Welcome back to a new post by me!

This week’s topic is the art of learning how to say the word NO! We’ve all had those times where we really felt like saying no to someone but we just couldn’t, either because the person is too persistent or because we were not assertive enough and are easily persuaded and not able to assert our opinions and wishes. Personally, this is something I have struggled quite a bit with and I’m still working on, but let me tell you something: there’s nothing like asserting your wishes and ideas without fearing other people’s reactions or opinions. It’s quite an unbeatable feeling, you just feel so powerful and respectful towards your wants and needs. 

Let me give you some hope though! It is possible to do this!  What I’m doing to overcome this terrible habit is “simple-ish”. Set boundaries, be firm when you know you want or don’t want something and don’t let persuasive people do their thing and try to convince you to do something you know you don’t want. And most importantly, know that you and your opinion matters! It MATTERS! If someone does not respect it, you do not need to have them in your life, and furthermore you’ll even realise you’ll be better off without them.

Be kind to yourself always, and know that you are the person that matters the most.

With love,

Alex x

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