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What I Wish I Knew Before Coming to Uni

What I Wish I Knew Before Coming to Uni

All I remember about preparing for uni was being overwhelmed with so many feelings! I was excited for this new adventure, terrified about having to make new friends and stressed about what I had to pack! However, here I am, about to start my third year at University College Birmingham, and now I think back and laugh at how nervous I was. 

To try and help relieve some of that pressure you may be feeling, I have made a list of five things that I really wish I knew before I stared uni:

  1. You deserve to be here! I remember when I started my course I felt so out of my depth, everyone else seemed so much smarter and I wasn’t sure I could keep up. It’s important to remember that you got the grades you needed to be accepted, just like everyone else! 
  2. Freshers is a weird time! Everyone goes on about how you need to make loads of friends and attend every event possible so you fit in. Chances are you will do all those things but don’t feel like you have to! Most people make their closest friends much later on in the year.
  3. Everyone is in the same boat! Nobody knows anyone and everyone is desperate to make friends, you are not going to struggle! In fact, you’re likely to make so many friends that you can barely keep track of them all. Slowly you’ll learn who you fit in with best.
  4. Make an effort with your flatmates! Your flatmates may not be your kind of people, and it’s rare that you’ll stay close friends with them after year one. However, it is very important you get along with them – after all, you will be living with them for a year! Be respectable and polite and chances are they will be too. It’ll make your first year much more fun!
  5. Look after your health! I am the best person to warn you about not looking after yourself because I actually ended up in hospital during my first year! I wasn’t getting any sleep, drinking wayyyy too much alcohol and living off noodles! So, if you take anything from this blog post, please let it be this: EAT VEG AND GET SLEEP! Have fun but don’t feel the pressure of having to go out every night! The University also has great wellbeing resources that you should make the most of if you need to.

Starting uni is going to be scary but please make the most of it and enjoy every second! I wish I could go back and do it all again (minus the hospital trip!)…

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