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Tension release post-exams

Tension release post-exams

I wanted to speak about something else today, but I just had my resit for an exam, and now that I finished my first academic year, I think I need to do something nice for myself.

And I think you should do the same, if not after every exam (it is not always possible as exams can be on the same week), after every session! It’s like saying, “I was able to do it, and I did it!

I decided to have a good 10 minutes of thinking about nothing while lying in my bed, and now I am here writing and thinking about different nice scenarios.

One is to go to a good restaurant of your choice with your friends/partner, and decide where you want to eat: it’s your well deserved day and you and only you must decide. So, what are you going to order from the menu?

Another good choice is the cinema: now that they are open again, you can stop thinking about what you could have done better about your exams, simply following the movie’s plot. After that you’ll feel regenerated and not need to think about your next academic year. (By the way, if you haven’t still seen it, I would suggest Cruella, I loved it!)

And… what about a nice evening in a spa, massage included? The massage will relax your muscles – maybe even that stiff neck you had lately staying on the laptop and being tense (personal experience) – along with soft, relaxing music and a nice herbal tea… no… better, a nice glass of wine!

Finally… a nice holiday!

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a couple of days or a fortnight! Plan your trip (or don’t plan it at all), take your suitcase and go! Maybe you prefer the sea, the mountains, or going to nightclubs, or just go to your grandma’s house to eat all her fabulous dishes and knit with her. There is no limit to imagination, even if you are on a low budget.

Another thing you must absolutely do is… simply sleep! Switch off every alarm. If you have cats, make sure their bowls are full (or you’ll wake up sitting with their belly directly on your face), and sleep that quiet sleep you deserve. Catch up with your favourite TV series, and meet that friend that you didn’t see for a long time.

Work is important, but rest is important as well.

Maybe we feel pressed to do more and more, but not resting, a breakdown is out of the door, and productivity will suffer the consequences. Let’s say this: after rest, every task needs less time to be done, and by consequence, there will be more time to rest. It’s a circle. But it’s not just that: by resting less, the stress increases, and more stress brings you to eat more, especially sweets and junk food.

Now it’s your turn! After a good sleep, think about all the things you like and didn’t have time for, have fun, and you’ll be ready for the next academic year! If you have suggestions about ways to reward yourself after exams, I am happy to read them, between one nap and the other!