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Eating as a Student

Eating as a Student

For a lot of students, moving to uni will be the first time you’ve been completely independent. You’ll have to cook for yourself, clean for yourself and do everything basically! Unless you’re like me, I took my laundry home to be cleaned during my first year (sorry mum)!

All of this can be daunting to begin with and you’ll probably spend a lot of your time behind on washing and eating takeaways! I spent my first semester eating McDonalds, pot noodles and toast. I learned the hard way that this is neither good for your bank account or your waistline!

Save your money and do big food shops. Popping to a Tesco Express every day is much more expensive than going to Asda and buying in bulk. You can buy big packs of meat to freeze which works out much cheaper and if you always have food in, you won’t order as much. Little shops like Tesco Express and Sainsburys Local are much more expensive than big supermarkets!

Cook in bulk. Rather than making a meal a day, make four portions at once and keep them in the fridge/freezer to be heated up. It’ll mean you’re cooking much less often and it’ll be cheaper.

Be realistic. Let’s be honest, the chances are you will order takeaways, go to McDonalds and get a kebab after a night out. Just try to limit this because those meals all add up and cooking at home is much more affordable.

Of course, it’s great fun to eat out and if you can afford it then go for it! Birmingham has some amazing places if you want to try some new food. Rosa’s Thai Café serve really yummy Thai food and it’s right next to Summer Row, so super close to uni. Another one of my favourites is Vietnamese Street Kitchen, it’s affordable and great fun.

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