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Going ‘Out Out’: Tips and Advice

Going ‘Out Out’: Tips and Advice

With Freshers starting this week, I thought I would use my weekly blog to give you some tips about going ‘out out’. After all, I did just about survive Freshers back in 2019! Clubbing, in my opinion, is the best fun and definitely one of the reasons I chose to move to Birmingham. The nightlife here is great, so many clubs and bars to try, without the London prices!

What to take. Obvious essentials are your ID, either a driving licence or your passport (although I wouldn’t suggest taking your passport unless it’s your only option). You’ll want your phone (fully charged) and a portable charger if your battery isn’t great! One thing I learned off a friend is to take a piece of paper with a trusted person’s number on it (e.g. a parent or a close friend) so if you do get into trouble or lose your phone, you can use someone else’s. Although cash is quickly becoming a thing of the past, I always take £20 emergency cash out with me because then I always have money to get a taxi home.

What to wear. Don’t wear heels to any club in Birmingham (Pryzm and Snobs in particular) because there are stairs everywhere and you’ll just end up in pain. All the clubs I’ve been to have let me in with trainers but be sure to check the place’s dress code just in case. Most of the clubs have a cloakroom where you can put coats, but these can be pricey so if you’re broke then don’t bring a jacket!

Best nightlife in Birmingham. I have a lot to thank Covid for, including ruining my social life in second year… Despite this, I did manage to visit many clubs and bars in my first year. If you’re living in The Maltings, which I’m sure a lot of new University College Birmingham students will be, then right down Granville Street is Broad Street. This is a long road (now tramline) dedicated to clubs and bars. There is:

  • Wetherspoons, great for pres
  • Pryzm, which is a maze but a great night out (don’t lose your mates in there because you won’t find them again)
  • Rosie’s (my personal favourite)
  • Walkabout, which is a bar in the day, club at night (best on a Wednesday)
  • Coyote Ugly, which is affordable and a good laugh

And loads more bars dotted in between!

There are a few clubs in the centre of the city, including Snobs which is always busy and has three different floors. The Gay Village is also great for a night out – be sure to visit Nightingales if you go!

All things alcohol. Alcohol is great, and I wouldn’t personally suggest going clubbing without having a drink or two. However, all jokes aside, it’s important to know your limits! I’ve had many horrible nights sat with my head over the toilet and for that reason I can no longer drink tequila! Don’t mix spirits because that’s a recipe for disaster! Now the lecture is over, I suggest you pre-drink so you’re not spending as much money on drinks when you’re out. If you are buying drinks in clubs then be careful, keep them covered because there are nasty people out there who may try to spike you! If you are planning on getting drunk, then make sure you’re with people you trust to look after you if you need it.

I think I’m all out of tips, but any questions, please comment them below and I’ll hopefully see some of you on the dancefloor!

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