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Enrolment Week

Enrolment Week

Now that we’re coming to the end of September, it’s time for uni to begin! But first is enrolment week.

Lots happens during enrolment week. Some of it is optional, some mandatory, however I suggest getting involved in as much as possible because it’s a chance to get to know the uni and to meet new people.

You should have already received (or if not expect to receive) an email telling you what’s going on in enrolment week and when it’s all happening. WelcomeFest is on Wednesday 29 September and is a really fun event which I will definitely be going to. It’s all day and you can turn up whenever you want, so no need to worry about an early morning! There are loads of freebies you can pick up and all the teams and clubs will have representatives there, so you can look round and see if any take your fancy. It’s great to be part of a club because you’ll make some great friends. I joined netball and we had some amazing nights out together! WelcomeFest is also a great opportunity to look around McIntyre House where it’s held.

At some point during enrolment, you’ll also be given a slot to get your ID picture taken, so dress to impress, you can’t change these photos! You’ll also have your induction during this week, which is usually just an hour or two where one of your lecturers or head of course will come and tell you what to expect and you can meet your course mates. 

There are other sessions that you can attend but these vary from course to course. I know in the Business School they do an introduction to Canvas and a marketing coffee morning, so check on your ‘Induction and Welcome Activities’ timetable to see what’s available to you (these can be found on the University College Birmingham website). There will also be online drop-in sessions that you can attend if you have any random questions.

If you have any questions about what to do or where to go then any member of staff will be happy to help. Or you can drop me a comment down below, I’m happy to help! Have fun and make the most of these activities, they’ll help you meet new people and feel more comfortable.

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