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Ironing out a few things

Ironing out a few things

To iron or not to iron – that is the question?

I would feel lost without an iron but other family members, not mentioning any names, would be lost WITH one.

Of course, for the inexperienced, they can be a liability. A singed garment is one thing but a friend once spent a painful night in A&E after trying to iron his shirt while he was wearing it. Not a good idea. But I think the general consensus of opinion is a resounding NO, irons are not needed.

 I bet if there was a roll call for irons at The Maltings, there would not be too many on parade – and those that were would still be in their boxes. So following on from a recent blog about how to manage your laundry, I thought it might be helpful to offer a rundown on how NOT to iron, especially for those that still strive for some sartorial elegance.

  1. The shower trick. Now this works, especially for dresses. Just hang the garment up in the cubicle after your shower and let the steam do the work. After fifteen minutes, your dress will be pristine and wrinkle free, especially if you remembered to close the bathroom door.
  2. Of course, it doesn’t have to get that far in the first place. Takes clothes out of the dryer as soon as the cycle has finished and hang up straight away. They can be quite passable especially if you pop a wet sock or a few ice cubes in the drum to create some steam.
  3. Mix water and fabric conditioner together and spray onto wrinkled clothing. It needs to be pretty damp before hanging out to dry and watching the wrinkles disaapear. I haven’t tried this but others swear by it.
  4. Find someone with a curling iron – it’s great for collars, cuffs and the odd crease or two.
  5. Roll up, roll up… Smooth out clothes before rolling them up tightly and leaving overnight. Alternatively stretch out and press between heavier items. This is an extension of the quick drying technique of sandwiching clothes between towels and walking up and down on them to get them dry.
  6. Last but not least, try the saucepan technique. Boil water in the pan then discard and use the base of the pan as your iron. It will be hot so be careful. Another friend uses this method to iron her bedsheets after she has put them on the bed. Which reminds me of a cousin and her summer job in a hotel – they didn’t change the sheets, they just ironed them on the bed between guests…

Having said that, I am now something of a convert to the crinkled look and actually like the texture of un-ironed sheets and T-shirts, but the jury is out on shirts. I have yet to find non-iron shirts that feel and look good so I will just have to wait for cheesecloth shirts to make a comeback.

JUST ONE THING… Continuing with my stress management and relaxation tips, this week I want to focus on the power of talking about your problems. That saying “a problem shared is a problem halved” is so true and the science backs it up – says – because talking about your stressors releases hormones in your body that reduce negative feelings associated with stress. So it really is good to talk with trusted family or friends.

Photo: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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