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It’s Reading Week!

It’s Reading Week!

If you’re in your first year of uni, you’re probably surprised that we have a week off already. If I’m completely honest, I don’t know why we do but I’m definitely not complaining. It’s kind of in the name: Reading Week is for reading. But let’s be honest, we probably won’t spend too much of the week studying. Reading Week is a great opportunity to take a breath, especially in first year, when you’re adjusting to so much at once.

I’m about to tell you lots of fun and relaxing things you can get up to this week, so I feel like I should be responsible for a second. I highly suggest you DON’T spend the whole week having fun. Get some work done, especially if you have due dates coming up in November. After Reading Week, the rest of the semester seems to fly by, so don’t be tricked into thinking you have all the time in the world. Deadlines creep up on you quickly!

Now onto the fun stuff…

Of course, next week is Halloween! I don’t know about you but Halloween is my favourite time of the year after Christmas. Especially in clubs, where I can dress up and dance. There are some really cool events going on this year such as Carnival of the Dead at Pryzm and Bunker 41 in Walsall. If you look on Fatsoma, you’ll be out to see loads of other events – be sure to check out Lab 11.

I like to be productive during Reading Week so I do stuff that I would usually struggle to find the time to do, like going to the dentist and the hairdressers. These things are important and easily forgotten when you’re not living at home anymore. Talking of home, that’s another great thing to do during Reading Week. Be sure to visit family and see your friends at home – they won’t want to be forgotten!

If you’re new to Birmingham, it would be great to take the time to explore. I like to walk around town and see where I end up. Just be careful you don’t end up anywhere dodgy! Digbeth and the Custard Factory are really cool for bars, and be sure to check out Ghetto Golf if you go. Broadway Plaza has a really nice cinema, bowling and fun arcade if you want some entertainment for a few hours.

I hope I’ve given you some Reading Week inspiration! Have fun, relax, see friends but make sure you do a little work too. Enjoy 🙂

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