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How to Keep on Top of Household Chores

How to Keep on Top of Household Chores

Moving away from home means you suddenly have to do all these chores, such as hoovering and clothes washing, for yourself. Most of us aren’t used to that, and I know I struggled to not let it all build up to begin with. Now I’m in my third year of uni, I feel like I’ve only just got to grips with how to keep up with all the chores, while studying and also having a life! So, I thought I would share my hints and tricks.

My first tip is to do a little bit every day – that way it won’t build up and leave you with hours of cleaning to do in one day. I just do two or three small chores daily, then by the end of the week, everything has been cleaned! For example, on a Monday, I clean my toilet, empty the bins and wash my black clothes. These three tasks only take about fifteen minutes, so I don’t feel like I’m cleaning for ages!

My second tip is to do your daily chores before anything else. I wake up and get them out the way straight away. Then I shower and get ready for the day. That way, I feel really productive and positive before I’ve even left the house! 

My third tip is to do little bits like making sure you make your bed every day, and making sure you wash the dishes you eat on, rather than letting them build up in the kitchen. These small daily tasks will help you prevent things from getting out of control. If you’re someone who finds their bedroom gets messy quickly, try to make a conscious effort to put things away when you use them, or take five extra minutes in the morning to tidy your room too. You’ll be surprised how much a clean and tidy living space helps with mental health and also your motivation to study!