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N’ice and easy does it!

N’ice and easy does it!

Birmingham: more trees than Paris, more canals than Venice – and the biggest German market outside Germany or Austria.

No student could have missed the fact that the annual spectacular is back in town after a Covid-induced absence. And no doubt many will be wanting to make up for lost time. So, what’s on the streets this year….

Well, because of redevelopment works there are fewer stalls than usual, but there will still be plenty of gluhwein, spicy sausages and schnitzel to go round. The big wheel and ice rink are back in Centenary Square for some family fun while the drinking booths are lined up for the ultimate social get-togethers. You can stock up on all manner of ornaments and Christmas decorations, indulge in gingerbread, Stollen and chocolate crepes and pocket some hot chestnuts. But here are the top five recommendations from Visit Birmingham:

  1. Having a singalong with Chris, the singing moose outside Council House.
  2. Taking a carousel ride, guaranteed to transport you back to your childhood.
  3. Having a German beer or two (but please be sensible).
  4. Indulging in a mug of gluhwein. Made of white or red wine and spices such as cinnamon, cloves, lemon slices and aniseed, the choice is yours. You will also find delicious non-alcoholic varieties too.
  5. Tucking into a red or white Bratwurst served with a Brötchen roll or Brezel and a tray of sizzling potatoes.

However, go steady! The Frankfurt market will be with us (Covid allowing) until 23 December, so spread the fun and the cost with several visits rather than one big binge. Wrap up warm, wear boots and keep your money safe – crowded streets will always attract pickpockets.

But there’s no better way to usher in Christmas so give a big Brummie welcome to the Frankfurt Market. It’s great to have you back.

Photo: Visit Birmingham

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