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Applications, Personal Statements and all that Fun Stuff…

Applications, Personal Statements and all that Fun Stuff…

Last week, I spent my time applying for lots and lots of postgraduate courses! This meant writing quite a few personal statements which is something I hadn’t done for three years. I’m aware some of you reading this won’t be university students yet but some of you will be university students considering doing a master’s, so this blog is for you!

I’m going to state the obvious first: it’s really important to be truthful on your application. There’s no point saying you’re predicted much higher grades than you actually are because it’ll just come back to bite you later. Be honest and then you’ll know what your actual options are. As well as being truthful, make sure you’re accurate! I accidently put my first and middle name in a box which was just for my first name, and I’ve been called ‘Amber Jane’ for the whole three years at uni!

Now you may be wondering why I’ve written multiple personal statements rather than just one and that’s because I am applying to slightly different courses at different universities, and it’s very important to tailor each one to the specific course. Of course, if you are not yet at uni, and applying via UCAS, you won’t be able to do this. But those going for a postgrad course, make sure you do! 

What should a personal statement include?

  • Show that you know what the course will include and mention anything that suits you or that you’re especially interested in
  • Mention any relevant work experience or extracurricular activities that may be relevant
  • Explain your choice and why you think it is the best option for you. How will it help you reach your goals?
  • Make sure to use appropriate font and layout 

If you are applying to undergrad courses via UCAS, then try to keep your five choices consistent. Applying to one course in French and another in Geography will make it seem like you don’t know/don’t care about what you study.

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