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Anime addiction

Anime addiction

When I want to relax, one of the things I do is watch Anime. For those who don’t know, Anime are Japanese animated works. I started to watch them when I was a child, but I didn’t think they were Japanese, as probably many of you did. Animated works don’t mean that they are for children. Some are not recommended for them.

A street in Tokyo full of Anime pictures

If you want to start watching them, or if you’re going to watch something new, I’ll share the list of my favourites:

1) Miyazaki movies (for everyone)

Miyazaki is a famous octogenarian Japanese animator, director, producer, and many other things. He collaborates with Studio Ghibli, and even his son works in the same field. I want to include all of them in one because I like the majority of them. My favourites are Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Whisper of the Heart and Ponyo (I saw it with my grandmother, who liked it sooo much!). They all have an environmental theme, the drawings are spectacular, and there is always something flying around. I suggest watching all of them – there is a kind of magic and delicate details that make you smile and think. You can find a lot of them on Netflix.

Totoro, the main character of My neighbour Totoro, written and directed by Miyazaki

2) Elfen Lied

Not for children! In the first pictures of the first episode, there are limbs cut and flying all over the place. After you discover a sweet/horrible girl that can be cute or a serial killer. You will find why, and it will make you think about the ethics of the experiments. I don’t want to spoil anything. The soundtrack is dark and wonderful.

3) Death Note

Not for children and not for light entertainment as it is brainy, so you need to be completely awake to watch it. It is the story of Light Yagami, a very clever guy, who finds a deadly notebook: every person whose name will be written in it will mysteriously die in a short time. The situation worsens, and a detective will be called to discover what’s happening. Just a quote: I’ll give you this strawberry if you keep it a secret. (PS: I suggest not to watch the related movie: it’s horrible and completely different from the series.)

I would never be able to write on it or, at least, I hope so.

4) Violet Evergarden (V.M.14)

Not for children because of the themes. After the war, women employed like soldiers needed to be rehabilitated for other jobs. Violet tries to become an auto-memory doll, a person who writes letters and helps express the feelings of people that are not literate or who want her writing service for other reasons. Every episode has a different theme, and all of them are heart-wrenching. The drawings are wonderful!

5) The Seven Deadly Sins (V.M.14)

At the moment, this has 5 seasons, and it tells the story of what looks like a boy (Meliodas) who owns an itinerant tavern brought around the world by a giant pig. One day, a knight enters and faints. Meliodas saves her, and he discovers that she is a princess, looking for help to save her father and her kingdom. And Meliodas is not just a tavern keeper. PS: You’ll fall in love with the cute Hawk!

A woman dressed for a Cosplay event, where people dress and act like their favourite characters from Anime or videogames or movies and not just that

These are just some of the Anime I liked, and you can expect to see more suggestions one day or another!

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