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Resolutions for the new year

Resolutions for the new year

This year must be different from the others. I have had this thought as has everybody else, but everyone has various reasons (except the common one about Covid-19).

As I tend to put too much at stake, my first resolution is not to exaggerate because otherwise, my list would require days of 48 hours or some kind of superhero, and if I don’t do everything, I will feel bad.

I’m just a human, after all. (Image by alan9187 on Pixabay)

My second resolution is to avoid procrastination. I already know I won’t stick with it the whole year, but I’ll try my best.

The third is planning! Without planning, it’s chaos. So I will plan to start by today!

how i plan an assignment ucbloggers

Studying a lot is something I have to do, a priority! I need to do it for different reasons: degree, self-esteem, future job! No ifs, ands or buts.

But studying a lot doesn’t necessarily mean for a long time. It means learning, staying focused, without distractions, switching off the phone. It even means sleeping well and taking me-time.

This condenses me-time and skincare (Photo by Adrian Motroc on Unsplash)

So the subsequent resolution is: going to sleep early. Usually I don’t, but I have to, so I’ll ask Alexa to set a timer!

And the following one is me-time, which means a lot of things: doing physical activity, taking care of my skin and my travel mate type 1 diabetes, and have a hobby.

About hobbies: I considered a lot of things because I am a person with a lot of interests, so I decided to make peace with them, to take singing lessons constantly, but once a month, I will do something different and possibly new.

It can be eating new food, going for bungee-jumping (nope!), finding all the bears around Birmingham (the first is in front of the Library, and I would consider it physical activity, so two in one).

There will be time for reading books or watching movies in the weekly me-time, just to relax. Not every day, but once a week for the film and before going to sleep for reading. Another activity before going to sleep is to write a bit about how I feel – it’s good for mental health.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

One thing I really have to do is to drink more! I don’t drink enough, and for this reason, sometimes I don’t feel very well, so I’ll put another timer for it.

Photo by Arnie Watkins on Pexels

What are your 2022 resolutions? Write them and stick with them, but make them realistic!

I just noticed that I have started to plan with this post, even if not in detail, so wish me good luck for a happy and organised New Year!

And don’t forget to make a wish! (Photo by Cristian Escobar on Unsplash)

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