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Learning to say yes – there’s no escape for me

Learning to say yes – there’s no escape for me

The start of a new year always brings with it new possibilities. I am good at planning and full of good intentions but not always good at carrying through, so hopefully this year will be different. I read some good advice recently which was to think small, presumably on the basis that lots of small steps are more manageable and will get to the same destination as a big step.

One of the things I want to do this year is things I don’t want to do! Basically, I want to take myself out of my comfort zone and say “yes” to things I would usually find a reason to say “no” to. So, I have just accepted an invite to stay with a group of people I would not normally choose to spend time with.  It will be good for me to challenge my perceptions and prejudices, and well, I didn’t have a valid excuse to say “no”. It is so easy to do the things you have always done, shy away from new experiences, and get stuck in that same old rut.

It is the same with escape rooms. No doubt you have all had a go at working your way out of one, but I haven’t. Just the thought of a small, locked room scares the living daylights out of me, especially as I don’t like confined spaces, which is odd considering my mum and dad did a lot of their courting down a pothole! However, I have decided to give it a go (escape rooms, not potholing) – remember, one small step at a time…

So, my challenge will be learning to say yes. For you, however, it might be learning to say no.

A lot of us can feel pressurised to do things we don’t feel comfortable with, things we know are not right, for us or for others. If this is you, contact University College Birmingham’s health and well-being services or talk things through with your tutor. It is not acceptable to be pushed, bullied or coerced into anything you don’t want to do – unless of course it’s that overdue assignment!

Photo: Jonny Clow, Unsplash.

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