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Valentine’s Day Inspo

Valentine’s Day Inspo

I feel like Valentine’s Day is one of those ones that’s loved by some and hated by others. Understandably so – if you’re not in a relationship it can be kind of depressing, I’ve been there! For the last couple of years, I have been in a relationship, but my boyfriend and I have never really bothered to celebrate it. This year we decided to change that because with everything that has happened over the last two years (Covid etc), we have decided we need to start making the most of every little occasion!

We’re going out for dinner at YoSushi, not the most romantic restaurant, I know! But it’s our favourite – we’re massive sushi lovers. Then we’re going to play adventure golf at Treetop Adventure Golf in the Bullring. I have been before and it’s super fun and laid back. Then we’re going to go to a couple of bars and probably end up in Spoons! We have set a £25 spending limit on presents because we’re both broke but we wanted to get each other a little something.

There’s loads of fun stuff you can do in Birmingham for Valentine’s day, whether you’re going to celebrate it with your partner or with your friends! In 2020, my friends and I celebrated it by going to an event at Lab11, which was really fun despite being slightly unconventional. As well as the golf I’m going to, there’s also Ghetto Golf in Digbeth, which is actually better than the golf I’m doing but I’ve been there a lot! There’s Lane 7 which has bowling and other fun games, or Broadway Plaza which has a cinema, bowling and some nice restaurants. I went to this really cool restaurant called Mowgli which is in Grand Central Station – it would be perfect for Valentine’s Day as it’s got a very romantic feel about it and it serves picky Indian street food. 

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