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Living Outside of Halls

Living Outside of Halls

Before I get into today’s blog, I just want to say I can’t believe it’s already the last day of February! Is it me or is this year going so quickly? I’m really enjoying having slightly more daylight in the evening – even if it’s only half an hour, it makes me feel like summer is coming. I can’t wait for the warmer weather and not having to take a coat with me everywhere. 

Today’s blog is about living arrangements in second and third year, once you’ve left The Maltings (where I assume the majority of you are living). I personally loved The Maltings and was sad to leave but it was the right decision for me. If you don’t feel like you want to leave The Maltings, of course you can always stay, but I’m going to be talking about your options outside of halls. I’m sure many of you have already arranged your living situation for next year, so this blog isn’t so much for you, but I know some people won’t have and it can be a daunting process.

What most people do is find a student house to share with a handful of friends. That’s what I did and it was great. I’ve actually been in the same house for almost two years now! Student houses are really easy to find – I found mine on Rightmove where they actually have a student filter. In Birmingham, there are also lots of student accommodation buildings with lots of rooms like halls. These are often very modern and have great facilities, and they’re great if you still want the halls feel but slightly more mature. Examples of these are The Pavilion (which is very close to The Maltings), and Vita Student Accommodation.

When I was in first year, my plan was that my friend from home was going to move to Birmingham in time for my second year and we were going to get a flat. Due to Covid, we ended up calling it off because we didn’t know what was going on! But it actually worked out for the best because now I have lived in a student house, I can see I would have felt very left out of student life if I’d been in a flat with my friend from home. So, from my experience, I would suggest you choose some friends from uni to live with or stay in The Maltings. You can always move out for third year if you don’t like it.

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