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Eating on a Budget

Eating on a Budget

I remember in my first year of uni, March was the month I struggled for money the most. The next loan wasn’t due until April and I had ran out of savings!

One thing I was shocked about when I came to uni was how expensive it was to feed myself. I had never realised the cost of food. I had to learn pretty quickly how to eat on a budget:

  1. This is pretty obvious but I had to stop getting takeaways. I’d often have a McDonalds or a kebab after a night out and it’s scary how expensive that becomes!
  2. Meal prep! You may think meal prep is something that gym-goers do, but meal prep is also a great way to save money. Cook a spaghetti bolognese for four, and then you have three more meals you can freeze or save for later. Cooking like this will save you money and time.
  3. Stop shopping at smaller shops. For anyone living at The Maltings, this means stop doing your weekly shop at the little Tesco Express. Smaller shops like that are massively overpriced! Either book an Uber with your mates and go to a supermarket or book a delivery.
  4. Stop buying Heinz and Coca-Cola, as you’re usually paying for the name, not the quality. All of your branded food and drinks are usually double the price of the supermarket’s own brand, if not more. 
  5. Shop in the reduced section. My boyfriend and I will often see what is in the reduced section and create a meal around the items that we find. It’s cheap and fun!

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