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Covid-19 Two Years Later…

Covid-19 Two Years Later…

So, two years ago, we were at the beginning of lockdown! I can’t work out if I feel like it’s been ages or not. On one hand, it feels like lockdown was a whole lifetime ago, but on the other hand it feels like these two years have flown by!

Although there are still cases, I think we can all agree that life has pretty much gone back to normal. Thank God! But I think it’s fair to say that there are still a lot of longer term effects of everything that Covid-19 caused.

Speaking for myself and many of my friends I have spoken to, lockdown has had a massive effect. I’m not talking in terms of physical health, but mentally. I have found that since lockdown, my motivation and mental health has declined. I find that I don’t enjoy doing a lot of what I used to love and I have very little energy for anything.

If you feel similar, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone! For a lot of young adults, lockdown meant losing your social life, losing your routine and missing out on key experiences. For me, Covid-19 took away over a year of my uni experience! If you put it in perspective, it isn’t a massive deal compared to losing a loved one, but it is still something that has disrupted the lives of many young people.

I’m still trying to find the motivation to do things that I used to do daily. Things like shopping with my mates or going to the pub are now things that I can’t really be bothered to do. Speaking to my friends, I have realised how many other people feel exactly the same. Knowing that I’m not alone in that has made it easier to try and start doing more things. I’ve realised that it’s an effect of lockdown and that there’s nothing wrong with me!

Another thing that has helped me is that I’ve realised that Covid-19 first disrupted England two years ago! I’m not the same person I was back then. Chances are that some of the stuff I liked doing back then, I don’t like so much now because I’m older and that’s normal.

Many people are suffering with the mental effects of Covid-19, but things like getting outside, getting exercise and seeing my friends are helping me to overcome some of the mental strains that lockdown caused. However, if you’re really struggling and feel like you need help, it’s important that you speak to your family, friends or your GP.

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