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Tools for Success

Tools for Success

I want to start by saying happy Spring! The weather has been so lovely this past week and I love it. It makes me feel happier and more productive.

That’s a great thing because Spring also seems to be my busiest time of year! My dissertation deadline is next week, I have an ongoing uni project, two other assignment deadlines and upcoming graduate interviews… It’s safe to say I’m very stressed! I have so much to do at the minute, I actually don’t even get a break when I’m asleep – I dreamed that I was in an interview last night! This week I’ve decided to write all about my go-to tools and resources that I find essential.

Make the most of your support systems. At University College Birmingham, most of the lecturers and staff are really supportive. I’m constantly emailing my lecturers with questions and for help, and it really helps. If you’re struggling with something, don’t sit at home for hours trying to work it out, it’s a waste of time. Just ask! I also have a teaching advisor (someone who helps me with my teaching applications and interviews) and I’m on the phone to her every day. Don’t think you’re being annoying – it’s what they’re there for.

I’m now in my third year at university and I have never used University College Birmingham’s online library. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use it, I’m sure there’s loads of great resources on there. All I’m saying is, I never really understood how to use it and panicked all throughout my first and second year because I thought I should be using it. But I just use Google Scholar and I’m getting firsts in all my assignments, so there can’t much wrong with it! However, if you’re a business student, the library page does give you access to Mintel which is great, especially for marketing. 

This is one for us content creators! Canva is my whole life, you can do so much on it without even buying premium. Of course, premium is great and I did get to use it when I worked for an employer who paid for it, but you really don’t need it to create any uni-level content. If, when you’re employed, you need a reliable content creation software and social media scheduler, I would really recommend Canva.

Part of being successful is having a good balance between work, study and personal time. Unidays is great for discounts, and I always use it when my friends and I go out for dinner. Make sure you’re working hard but don’t burn out. Find some things that relax you and make sure you’re doing them frequently. For me, it’s going to the gym and reading a book.

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