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Change is Good!

Change is Good!

I am very much a person who likes things the way they are. I almost didn’t come to university because of it. Even when I came to university, I quickly found a routine and I haven’t changed it up in three years!

I’ve almost finished all of my assignments now which means I have almost completed my third year. This means everything I have gotten used to over the last three years is about to completely change again! 

I’ve been nervous about things changing and leaving the comforting arms of University College Birmingham, but then I remembered that at one point, joining this university was a massive, scary change for me! So, I’m starting to embrace the thought of change and all the opportunities that it will bring with it.

I will still be studying, however my next course doesn’t start until January 2023. This means having a full-time job until then and re-entering the world of work! I haven’t been employed since 2019! I am looking at the positives though, it’s a chance to meet new people and get some experience (and of course, earn some money).

With my new, positive outlook on change, I decided it was time to kickstart it, so I mixed up my hairstyle. When I say mixed up, I COMPLETELY changed it up – I cut off 17 inches! I’ve had long hair all my life so going from super long hair to a bob was a massive change for me. I probably wouldn’t have gone so short, however I decided I wanted to donate it to The Little Princess Trust, and I wanted to give them as big a donation as possible. Luckily, I love my new hair and don’t regret it at all!

So, I guess the point of this blog is: embrace change, don’t shy away from it. It may be scary, but think of all the opportunities waiting for you!