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The Joys of May

The Joys of May

If you have done your GCSEs or A-levels, or go to university, you will know that May is always the most stressful month! Either it’s filled with exams, or it is when the majority of your deadlines are. For me, my dissertation is due, as well as my last three assignments and exhibition project! Busy month…

This week I’m going to write about some things I do to make sure the busy month of May doesn’t overwhelm me! Firstly, I stay organised. I have a big wall planner with all my deadlines on, which makes me sleep much better knowing I won’t forget anything. I also put birthdays on there as I have a habit of forgetting them. My wall planner was £7 from Amazon and comes with an erasable pen and stickers! 

Secondly, I make sure I leave some time free to do some fun things. Leaving everything until the last minute and spending two weeks solidly working is not good for anyone and your grades aren’t likely to be as good as possible. If you plan your time, you can still have some guilt-free rest days. I won’t go too deep into it, but if you look up the 2,3,5,7 revision method, it’s really helpful for arranging your studying. 

Thirdly, I make sure I stick to my gym schedule. Exercising works wonders for my mental health and makes the hours sat at a desk much more bearable. Although I prefer the gym, a walk outside or a bike ride through the park works just as well at clearing your head. I find having a clear head really reduces my stress levels. 

Lastly, I ask for help when I need it! The lecturers and support staff at University College Birmingham are amazing! If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, UCB Wellbeing are really supportive and have helped me massively. If you’re unsure about an assignment, drop your lecturers a message, and they’ll most likely want to set up an online meeting to talk through your concerns. Utilise these services and people, it’s what they’re there for!