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Moving Tips and Tricks

Moving Tips and Tricks

For a lot of students, June is the time you move out of halls. That may mean moving back home, moving into a student house or maybe into your own place. Wherever you’re moving, packing and moving can be a stressful time.

I’m very happy this June because I don’t have to move- I’m staying in my student house for another year. However, I have moved many times and I will be moving again next June! I’m going to share with you a few of my packing and moving tips and tricks which I find makes it all a lot less stressful. 

My first tip is, unless you hire a van and have lots of people helping you, do not try and move everything in one day. I moved out of The Maltings and into my student house in one day, with just my tiny car. I had to do about ten trips and had a similar number of mental breakdowns! I know it may not always be possible but I now try to overlap my rental contracts by about a week or two, so I can slowly move my bits over at a leisurely pace – it’s a much calmer experience.

My second tip is to label every box. It may not seem like a big deal but try not to leave a number of boxes unlabelled because it’s going to make unpacking much harder and you won’t be able to find anything! I like to label my boxes with the room that they go in and the kind of things in them. For example, ‘bedroom: self-care and books’. 

My final tip is to get some help. A friend or family member, or even some removal men. Just don’t try and move heavy boxes or furniture by yourself. Speaking from experience, I once lifted something really heavy and slipped a disc in my back. It was not a pleasant experience.

If you are moving this month or sometime soon, good luck and I hope you love your new place!

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